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We have so many color options for you to chose from! They are free of Parabens, toulene, DBP, phthalates!!

Changing colors for each season

O.P.I.  Infinite Shine (longer lasting polish) & Orly





Basic Manicure includes trimming nails, cuticle, arm & hand massage and polish application   $48

  • 12 & under basic manicure $35
  • under 5 basic manicure $25


Paraffin Manicure includes the basic manicure plus paraffin wax   $54


Cloud 9 Organic Manicure includes the basic manicure plus an Eminence Organic scrub, masque/paraffin and lotion   $62

  • 12 & under Cloud 9 Organic manicure   $40

** NEW  ** Express Manicure includes cuticles, nail buff & polish  $35




Treatment Process

  • Benefits of Manicures

    You already know that a manicure makes your nails look fantastic. What you may not know is that a professional nail treatment actually has long-term and health benefits as well! Skin Care Your hands are more exposed to daily dirt and weather than any part of your body, except maybe your face. That means that they accumulate grime easily, as well as constantly create new skin cells and slough off the old. A professional manicure includes a soak, cleaning and lotions designed to moisturize your skin. Any grime will be removed, as will dead skin cells, keeping your hands smooth and reducing any appearance of wrinkles. Blood Flow In addition to exfoliating, moisturizers and cuticle treatments are massaged into the skin in a professional mani-pedi. This massage action is not only incredibly relaxing, it also helps to improve blood circulation to your extremities. Mental Health A manicure is a great way to relax and be pampered. After a stressful day or week, this can help relieve your stress, and the benefits of having gorgeous nails can last for weeks. A great nail color is a perfect accessory to any outfit, so you can cross painting your nails off your list of things to do. Both the physical and mental health benefits of getting a manicure are incredible. Your hands will both look and feel great, your stress will go down, and your circulation will increase. Contact the Cloud 9 Day Spas today to schedule your manicure.

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