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Eyelash Extensions

Lucious lashes applied by our fully certified estheticians.

There’s nothing like the look of full, healthy eyelashes!

Mascara has been the long-standing option for women who want to make their lashes look more luscious. While mascara does the job for many, there are now more carefree ways to make your lashes look longer… and you won’t have to rub the delicate skin around your eyes to remove the mascara!

 Eyelash extensions are one of the greatest breakthroughs. Instead of applying and removing mascara every day or struggling with false lashes, women can enjoy big, beautiful lashes after one appointment at Cloud 9 Day Spas.

Specially trained aestheticians apply these lashes using a long-lasting glue that will hold them in place for three to four weeks.

 There’s no trick to removing lash extensions. They fall out when your natural lash sheds, so you won’t have to make another appointment to have them removed. Because each lash is applied individually, you can simply get your eyelashes filled every three or so weeks. Your initial appointment will take up to 2 hours, appointments for fillers are much shorter.

You’ll have to follow a few special care guidelines so that your extensions stay in place as long as possible.


Full Set  of Eyelash Extensions – $150.00


      one week – $30

      two weeks – $40

      three weeks – $50

      four weeks – $70

    ~ five weeks or longer require a full set ~

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