Dyna-Chi Ionic Foot Bath Detox – Cloud 9 Day Spas
Pricing Starts From $40- 45 Minutes Share

Dyna-Chi Ionic Foot Bath Detox

Our Commercial Grade Dyna-Chi has a BEFE rating

BEFE Rated (Bio Electric Field Enhancement)

What is BEFE?

Because many people nowadays are overworked and run down, we are running on less fuel that what we need to maintain optimum health and energy. Our batteries are running on empty!

Our Dyna-Chi Detox transfers through the foot bath negative hydrogen ions (our body’s energy), feeding the cells with useful energy. A fully energized cell can now heal itself and function better. The generation and absorption of this ‘charge’ has shown to increase potential voltage in a cell membrane, which enhances the immune system & helps maintain cellular function, while at the same time eliminating toxins!


45 Minute Session $40



Treatment Process

  • Health Benefits of Dyna-Chi Detox Footbath

    Ability to improve a body's bio-charge, practitioners and their clients who use the device have reported numerous benefits, including: increased vitality revitalized blood detoxification and neutralization of toxins pain and stress relief faster recovery time from illness or injury reduced inflammation improved sleep reduced fluid retention improved endocrine and metabolic function elimination of menstrual pain dermal rejuvenation improved kidney and liver function.

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